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Painting is done in oils on canvas

Artist: Christine Girvani O’Brien

Size: Middle Panel: 48x30inches

Side Panels: 48x12 inches

Artist's Statement

Kichijouten (Japanese), or Mahasri (sanscrit): the Buddhist Goddess of Wealth, Beauty and Virtue who holds the Sacred Pearl of Happiness in her hand. She is also known as Mahadevi and Sri Lakshmi.

This image of Kichijouten was inspired by an historical image of her from the Nara Period of Japan. Originally, Kichijouten was absorbed into Buddhism from Hinduism, where she was known as Sri Lakshmi. She has crescent-shaped eyebrows with full checks, and moves leisurely and gracefully. The sacred pearl of happiness or wish-granting jewel on her left hand and her transparent shawl fluttering gently in the wind as she walks suggests her heavenly nature. She also makes the gesture (mudra) of charity with her right palm open and facing downwards.