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Artist’s Statement

Throughout my adult years I have studied and practiced meditation and yoga and have become very familiar with deities of the East. It is my experience that these benevolent images help us to get in touch with the qualities within ourselves that they embody. I found myself drawn to sacred art in a very natural way.

When I saw an ancient image of Kichijo-ten, from 8th Century Japan , I immediately knew I wanted to paint her. I decided to incorporate my love of nature around her so she would be walking in a Japanese garden, surrounded by abundant life. I imagined all of nature would be drawn to her, so that is how I wanted to convey the scene.

During the time I was painting her, the market crashed and most people around me were feeling fear, anxiety and lack. Because I was focusing so closely and intensely on this Goddess of Abundance, Beauty and Virtue, I found that the opposite feelings were welling up from within me: fullness, gratitude and deep peace. This awareness expanded as the painting progressed and I began to sense a transformation taking place within me, one of realizing my true inner worth on a deeper level.